After raising $40 million, a firm supported by Usain Bolt has disappeared from market

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Usain Bolt broke the 100-meter sprint world record in 9.58 seconds, but he squandered the $40 million in investor money just as quickly.

Bolt Mobility, Usian Bolt's e-scooter firm, had received close to $40 million from private investors.

Customers could hire these light electric vehicles using the Bolt mobility app, park them when they were finished, and then hand them over to the next users to pick up.

But, it appears that Bolt (the business) has recently stopped trading due to a lack of funds.

Bolt has already departed eight American cities, leaving expensive mini-electric vehicles in its wake. The sole working method for unlocking the scooters was a smartphone app.

The company abruptly and without notice stopped operating in several American locations, leaving thousands of abandoned bikes throughout the towns.

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