My growing days in Assam brought closer to Tekeli Pitha, very delicious Assamese snack. Dipping half of the Pitha into a cup of tea makes the dish perfect for your taste buds. While in my college days in Bangalore, I encountered Iddli. The first day when I saw it, the only reason I tasted it for its look similar to Tekeli pita. Its taste was different than Tekeli Pitha. But believe me folks, its forever.

They look exactly the same, one from the south and the other one from the northeast. One is sweet and salty while the other one is savoury in taste.

Tekeli Pitha – The Tekeli Pitha is one of the most popular Assamese breakfast delicacies. It is sweet in taste and is prepared from rice flour and till seeds.

Tekeli Pitha

Iddli – This is one of the famous traditional breakfasts from the south. It is savoury in taste. Iddli is also served in some of the neighboring countries of India such as Sri Lanka. Iddli is prepared from fermented black lentils and rice.


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