Do you think lesser sugar and minimally masala food is the only option for diabetic patients! Their daily healthy diet and doctor’s chart only allow them to eat karela and bitter food! Wait before you goggling your mind we already have listed some most amazingly delicious foods that can change your imagination.

Indian-style Pasta, Yes don’t open your mouth, it’s true. Diabetic can also enjoy pasta.Indian style pasta

Whole Roasted Chicken, low in carbohydrate and rich source of Protein.

Roasted chicken

Spicy Oats Balls, We all know oats has no taste and people usually eat this with milk and all, but this time try your regular oats in all new spicy avtar.

oat balls

Rava Idli, This high fiber south Indian recipe is amazing for diabetic.

rava idli

Microwave Garlic Broccoli, Like chicken, broccoli is also a good source of protein and less in carbohydrates.

Microwave Garlic Broccoli

Kothamalli Podi, It made with coriander leaves, many studies found that coriander has a power to decrease the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and a chronic digestive complaint.

kothamalli podi

Fish Cutlets, This recipe needs some ginger garlic, masala’s and Fish Fillets. Fish is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for type 2 diabetics.


Pumpkin Halwa or Kaddu ka Sheera, Sweets is a big no for diabetics but this suger free halwa is eatable. Because it made from milk, Sugar free, Ghee, Dry fruits, Saffron and grated pumpkin. Use all these ingredients in lesser amounts.


Tiranga Halwa, We know diabetic people cannot have Bahar ka Sweets. But you don’t need to worry tell your partner to made this delicious sweet.


Gooseberry Juice, Gooseberry is a rich source of  Vitamin C and contains more than 80% of water. It is good for diabetic.

Gooseberry juice

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